EU-week in Lund

From the 23rd to the 26th of May 2019 European citizens across the Union will head to the polls to elect representatives to the European Parliament.

Sometimes labelled the “forgotten election” the EP election flies under the radar for most people. This is very unfortunate given that as much as 60 to 70 of local and regional decisions are impacted by EU regulations. What does the EU do? And what policies are the Swedish parties pushing for?

In an effort to create more awareness and elevate participation The Association of Foreign Affairs have teamed up with the Center for European Studies and the campaign “This time I’m voting” in putting together a full week of events tackling issues relevant to the European Parliament Elections from different angles. We want to give you all the information you´ll need to make an informed decision on who will get your vote on May 26th.

More detailed information on each event will be published ahead of the EU week.

Monday 20th of May:
In an “EU 101” Anamaria Dutceac-Segesten, researcher at the Center for European Studies, will teach us the basics of how the EU works, how the European Parliament is composed, what type of issues it decides on, and what groups the Swedish parties are a part of. Markus Bonekamp, head of the European Parliament’s office in Sweden will tell us about why it is important to vote.

  • Where : Språk- och litteraturcentrum
  • When : 19.15
  • Speakers : Anamaria Dutceac-Segesten and Markus Bonekamp

Tuesday 21st of May:
In the age of digitalisation the spreading of misinformation and disinformation is a growing democratic problem. In this lecture Oksana Pinsker and Niklas Bernsand are talking about the impact of targeted disinformation on the European elections and how the ukrainian NGO StopFake deals with that problem.

  • Where : Språk- och litteraturcentrum
  • When : 19.15
  • Speakers : Oksana Pinsker and Niklas Bernsand

Wednesday 22nd of May:
“Alliances in Europe”
The future of intergovernmental cooperation within the EU is far from being settled. Brexit, the continuous rise of populist parties throughout Europe and a geopolitical environment that is challenging from a security perspective cast doubts on the status of the EU as a credible international actor. On Wednesday 22/5 the question of future alliances within the EU will be discussed by state-representatives from different member states. More detailed information will be released as we get closer to the event.

  • Where : Palaestra
  • When : 19.15
  • Speakers : German Ambassador to Sweden, more TBD

Thursday 23rd of May:
Arguably the headline event of the week, candidates for all the Swedish parties currently in the EP will join us for a debate on what type of future they would like to turn your vote into. There will be both a debate and a chance for you to ask questions to the candidates.

  • Where: Palaestra
  • When :18.00
  • Debate : Candidates from all Swedish parties currently in European Parliament

Sunday 26th of May:
Election night watch party at Eden. Arranged by the department for political science, with knowledgeable experts providing coverage and information throughout the night.

More information forthcoming.




Lunds universitet: Språk- och litteraturcentrum (SOL) och Palaestra


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